About us

Dr. Warwick Lillas, specialist neurology and rehabilitation

Flexiwise® was founded in 2008 by Dr. Warwick Lillas for the purpose of developing a universal infusion stand. The Flexiwise® product stems from Dr. Lillas’ own observations during his 30 years of experience as a medical doctor in the Swedish Health Service. He saw how clumsy and impractical the traditional infusion stand was when used in combination with wheelchairs.

He noted that in order to move a wheelchair bound patient receiving infusion or naso-ventricular nutrition via catheter/tube, two people were usually needed to move both wheelchair and infusion stand. Also, when it came to physiotherapy or occupational therapy extra personnel were required during training sessions and when moving patients with a walker or rollator.

Patients requiring infusion of some kind or naso-ventricular nutrition via catheter/tube had their mobility very (if not totally) restricted. This in itself slowed down the rate of rehabilitation markedly. Dr Lillas concluded that this way of working was not ergonomic, was very unpractical and increased the need of staff as well as increasing the risk of accidents (personnel/helpers stumble over the feet of the traditional infusion stand). Unattended patients who moved away from their infusion stand had their infusion needle or naso-ventricular catheter drawn out.

It also became clear that the patients with the traditional infusion stand were forced to stay where they had been placed until someone helped them to move. The possibility of these patients to move around indoors or outdoors on their own (even with help), was very much restricted, almost impossible.

Previous attempts to solve this problem have resulted in attachments that required tools and good technical know-how. Designs were often restricted to one specific object to which they then were attached permanently. This greatly limits their use as they lacked diversity/flexibility. Dr. Lillas decided to try to create a simpler solution.

The result is Flexiwise® a universal infusion stand that without tools or technical know how, can be attached to a wide range of products (most wheelchairs, rollators, beds, cots, prams, walkers with platform arm support etc.) used in hospitals, nursing homes and private dwellings. The prototype was tested on several wards at Borås hospital, Sweden and marketing started 2011.